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Eastern Sierra Academy (ESA) is an extremely small, technology-based, college-preparatory high school. Students at Eastern Sierra Academy participate in a rigorous, relevant, and coherent curriculum that prepares them for post-secondary education. Eastern Sierra Academy believes in a team approach to education. Parents, students, and school staff all have responsibilities and are accountable to one another in order to have maximum success for each student. If any part of the team does not live up to his or her part, then the student will not be as successful. Parents, students and staff agree to certain precepts that create an appropriate atmosphere for student success. Those precepts and goals are then put into the form of a contract which all parties sign. This contract is drawn up before the school year starts and is revisited and revised as needed.

Students are required to master each subject with a “B” or better in order to receive credit for course work. If students cannot maintain this average, they are asked to transfer to another high school in the district. Struggling students are given many opportunities for assistance so students willing to put in the necessary time are able to find success at our school. We do not lose many students because of the level of support provided and because of the dedication of all involved. The effectiveness of our philosophy is evidenced in our high API scores and our high average SAT scores. Our API has never been below 800 with a high of 890 and our average SAT score is 578 verbal and 571 math. We believe the most significant sign of success comes from the fact that in the past 4 years 91% of our seniors have gone on to college with 83% going to 4-year universities. All have been successful and are still attending their original colleges of choice and some are scheduled to graduate this year.

With a student body of only 22 and a mere three teachers, ESA has sought other avenues to provide experts in each curricular field: distance learning classes via satellite and internet AP courses. Our three staff members teach all core curriculum including AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Government, AP US History and AP Economics. Curriculum is enhanced through individualized instruction and technology when possible. Elective curriculum or community service is designed to meet individual student needs and fit their goals. Students take all-day classes in drama, art, outdoor P.E., or film making during a three week spring interim.

Three years ago our small school received a $250,000 EAST (environmental and spatial technology) grant that allows our students to use state of the art software and hardware to collaborate with local agencies, businesses, non-profits, universities, and ranchers to solve real world issues. The students have given presentations to professional organizations, received awards for their projects, and have presented workshops at conferences.

Students at the Academy also take trips to enhance their curriculum, provide cultural exposure, and visit colleges. Each year, one major weeklong trip is planned to an urban area in California. On each trip students visit four to five colleges, see plays, and visit historical landmarks. We try to provide them with educational experiences that aren’t available in Bridgeport, such as learning about marine biology or visiting museums. This past year the entire school took a 13 day trip to the East Coast and had an invaluable educational experience in Washington DC, New York, and Boston.
We at the Academy are committed to attaining academic excellence. This means that we are continually evolving as teachers, parents, and students, looking for new and better ways to improve student performance and thus better prepare each student for post-secondary and career opportunities.


  Principal Roger Yost - ryost@esusd.org
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Bridgeport, CA 93517
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